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I am so sorry to the fans who trusted me and made an effort to cover up the pain because they love me. The tour is called 4 Nights in the US and will take them through 4 cities on 4 different nights.

Prior to their debut there, the group held their B1A4 — Japan Showcase Live at the Sinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo on December 9, ; [24] the tickets for the event sold-out within one minute, an unprecedented feat for newly debuted groups.

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He received training in composition, singing, and acting. We are not a couple the way fans are misunderstanding. Countdown on November 15, [40] as well as on Music Bank, Show!

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K" was uploaded on April What say I hold onto that money until a band comes who I listen to and obsess over on a daily basis? This lead me to write in order to accurately explain this situation to fans. Internet commenters called for the organizers to be charged afterwards.

Anyway, I told myself no more concerts until I get to LA! It began to air on June I thought the way I shared my everyday life and expressed my thoughts was cool. I think I hurt fans who love me because of my foolishness and my shortcomings. The first letter addresses dating speculations while the second letter is an apology to fans.

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I could hold off and realize that there is a very good chance BTS is coming in the new year. On May 31,it was reported that B1A4 had visited a fan's home to prepare a meal and help take care of the fan's ill mother.

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I will work hard at everything and work to improve myself. You know who does happy pick me up music best? The schedule is as follows: It reminded me once again of how much love I have received and how much you care about me.

Do me and my friends fanatically read B1A4 fanfiction?

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Well, that would be B1A4. I think I became a person who got used to it. Do me and my friends have B1A4 gif wars? Pre-debut[ edit ] Barothe rapper of the group, was scouted by a company representative who came across his photo posted on his friend's homepage on the social network Cyworld.

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On December 10, they released the single "It's Christmas". I almost feel like there should be a dur in there… You know what would not only turn this week around but would elevate it into exceptional? These words will not heal hurt feelings but I will try to repay you through my efforts.

B1A4 makes my heart happy. Prior to their debut, the group underwent a training period of two years. Countdown the following the day, [29] followed by performances on Music Bank, Show! I think I acted inconsiderately to the many people who love me. Music Core, and The Music Trend. The answer should be obvious, right? Also, I am so sorry about sharing these words so late. My heart hurts that fans who love me were misunderstanding.

Their activities with the group remain in discussion. Music You know what a really crappy week needs? I had so much fun at their concert when they came here a couple of years ago. Music Core chart in May, marking the group's first music show win.

I wonder what they do to fill their days while the others are off? I will do better in the future BANA!!


I swear on my name that I did not do anything shameful. The news that B1A4 is headed for the US for a second tour! And Stephanie now spends way too much time on trains. Music Core, and The Music Trend the following days.

I apologize once again for making fans worry. Time has flown by and B1A4 became everyday life.